In today’s world, whether you are a freelancer or run a multinational corporation, you need a website to strengthen your business game. It does not matter if you want to establish a brand, build credibility or generate leads or earn some money. You need a good website with good features. Developing a Website for your business is an excellent investment. In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to create a free website and how to sell your Website, and much more.

How To Make Your Website For Free

There are a ton of Websites and Applications where you can develop your Website for free. From creating templates or choosing one from the list, customizing required features, editing for mobile view, and even optimizing for search engines, al, options are available. Websites like,,,, and These websites are excellent for developing really cool websites for your business or blog and for free.

The free versions have enough features to build your own Website completely. But the paid versions are so advanced that you can technically add anything to your Website. To create your free Website, you can choose anyone from our list and note down your requirements to go ahead with your Website.

How To Make Your Own Website To Sell

Did you know even you can sell your products or services through your Website? Start your small business now or bring your local business to the world of the internet; the options are limitless. But how do we make a website that can sell my products or services and turn it into an online store?

To start with, search boundlessly for a perfect e-commerce website developer. It can be a free website developer or a paid one. Depending upon your financial expenses, you can select one. Then one of the most important things, get a domain name for your Website. It is important because people look for authenticity while purchasing or putting their money on something. Then depending upon the products or services which you provide, find and customize an e-commerce website template.

And coming to the final steps, list your products or add your services to your Website. Make it highly user-friendly with easy checkout and payment methods. For your personal accessibility, sort out your shipping settings and arrange accordingly. Before you let your Website be available for the world, preview it yourself to ensure everything is running smooth.

How To Make Your Own Website From Scratch

Ever since school, we have been taught to do our homework properly. Similarly, before creating a website, you need to do your homework. For creating a website from scratch, you need to do extensive visual research. Try to find your interest and what you are curious about. Websites cant be made in a minute, so start preparing your content from now. Your Website’s growth depends on the content you produce.

After you have found your niche, make a blueprint of your Website. Basically, become an architect and build how you want your Website to look and what you want to provide the world. Go for purchased or trusted domain sites and get yourself a domain name. That will ensure your credibility, and people will trust your Website more.

Then comes the aesthetics. Choose a colour palette and fonts that suit your work. Create something unique to look at. After your Website is organized, think about how to market your Website and optimize search engines, correct the minute details and make it mobile-friendly.

How Hard Is It To Make Your Own Website:

There are many reasons to make your own Website, but some important points should be considered. Making your own professional Website is difficult as it may involve a lot of hard work and planning. Some factors that are to be considered while developing your own Website are:

  • Cost
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Appearance
  • Time
  • Experience

How Much Does It Cost To Make Your Own Website

If you just randomly search on Google ‘How much does it cost to make your own website?’ a roundabout figure for a basic website will be 2000-9000 dollars. And for start-ups and small businesses, that is a hefty amount.

If you really want to spend on your Website, go for paid/purchased domains. Get yourself registered at a domain name registrar. Purchased domains are a good investment. When you buy a domain name, you get complete authority over your Website, and people and consumers trust your Website more.

If you want to make a website professionally, you should get in touch with an expert Website builder. You can contact them via emails, text messages, calls. Please give them your details like Name, Email, and phone number for better communication.


Go ahead and open new Google Sites on your desktop. After the page has loaded, you will be able to enter the name of your site at the top left corner then press enter. After this, the Website becomes yours entirely to put content on. Then as the content is updated on your Website, simply publish it. You can also make a copy of your Website. Options for changing or re-using old URLs are also available.

If you want to create a website like YouTube, you need to choose hosting, create a domain name and buy the domain. You also need to install WordPress in your domain. We are suggesting WordPress as is an open-source CMS that provides many possibilities. Lastly, create a website with unlimited video time and install a video sharing theme to make it user-friendly.

Those were some frequently asked questions on the internet regarding website creation and development. We hope that this article was helpful enough to clear all your queries regarding making your own Website.