What is Copywriting?

You might have heard the term “Copywriting” many times, but do you know what exactly it is? If no then you have landed on the correct website as here we will let you know everything about copywriting along with different kinds of it.

Well, in general words, Copywriting is the art and science of writing a copy, i.e., web pages, ads or promotional materials, etc., that are highly focused on selling the products and services. In other words, we can say that copywriting focuses on convincing prospective customers to take action. In many ways, it is like hiring a customer to reach all your prospects. Your sales team connects with customers one at a time, but a copywriter can connect all of them at once through copywriting in the form of billboards, magazine ads, blog posts, sales letters, and much more.

So, if this information excites you to learn more about copywriting, then this guide is for you. Here, you will find everything related to copywriting and all its types.

What is Copywriting in Marketing?

Marketing is basically the art of selling products and services to customers. So, copywriting in marketing refers to the content that you see written in the caption of Facebook or Instagram ads. It is the description of a YouTube video or the headline of Google Ads. It is text written on a website from the landing page to the service or product page.

If we talk about copywriting outside digital marketing, it is the text written on billboards, the sign outside a brick and mortar store, or the title of a newspaper article. Copywriting motivates prospects to click on a website and tells them why they need to purchase the product, and persuades them to swap their money for goods and services. So, in simple words, the copywriting that is done with the purpose of marketing and persuading prospects comes under Marketing.

Now, let’s look at what exactly SEO Copywriting is!

What Is Seo Copywriting?

In SEO Copywriting, SEO stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEO Copywriting is the art of generating keyword-optimized content that is perfectly designed to appeal to Google algorithms and human users. In other words, SEO Copywriting is the process of writing content in a form that is easily understandable by Google. At the same time, the content must be written in a way that people wish to read, share and link to.

If you write content only for the readers, your webpage will probably would not contain any important keywords that people use to search related content on the Internet. In addition to this, if you write content only for Google, your content will sound more robotic. However, it is a tough balance, but if you want to master SEO copywriting, then you must be good at maintaining the balance between them. SEO copywriting is all about creating compelling, useful, and valuable content that targets the specific keywords so that other people will promote it on several social media platforms like Facebook, etc.

What is Direct Response Copywriting?           

Direct Response Copywriting might be a new term for many of you, but it is a trending style of Copywriting. Under Direct Response Copywriting, all the money is at writing. It is the process of writing a copy that customers or prospects directly respond to, like direct mail, brochures, or landing pages. It is the antithesis of the ad copywriting that you see on Television.

Under Direct Response Copywriting, copywriting is focused on the immediate moment. This is a copy that inspires the buyer to take immediate action as soon as they are finished reading the content.

While working on Direct Response Copywriting, your goal must be to get a direct response from the reader as soon as the reader has digested your words. With Direct Response Copywriting, you compel the readers to take action like making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, download a freebie, following you on social media, and much more.

What is Creative Copywriting?

Creative Copywriting involves writing wordings to market a product or service for a business along with thinking conceptually about how to sell that product or service in an imaginative, original, and grabbing way. A copywriter provides words, but a creative copywriter provides words along with creative ideas that can help in accelerating the commercial impact of the communications.

Creative copywriting is not only about getting information in, but it is about getting information out in an appealing and interesting way. It is not just about writing but more about thinking creatively and differently. A creative copy is pretty inspiring to read and involves the voice that makes the brand stand out from the rest of the competitors.

This is what we call Creative Copywriting. Now, let’s see what Online Copywriting means!

What is Online Copywriting?

Online Copywriting means writing a copy on the Internet. It entails everything from the copy of the web pages to the content of an email and all written elements included in between. Online Copywriting involves Copywriting for businesses that have specific goals in mind. The art of Online Copywriting included being conscious about the basics of digital marketing. This involves everything from using the keywords to being cautious about the character counts for Meta Description.

Online Copywriting involves writing press releases, social media posts, web pages, emails, and quite much anything else. The real talent of an online copywriter is the ability to switch flawlessly between any of the copywriting tasks at any time.


This can be a pretty in-depth Q&A to get into. As there’s always a need for high-quality written content and copy and therefore you should use a professional copywriter to write it. Wiring a copy is more than good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. All these are important, but a copywriter can help you find fresh perspectives, finding out the right words to sell your services and products, and deliver a top-notch copy on time for you. Working with a professional copywriter will offer you a consistent voice which is important for customer engagement and lead generation.

Of course “YES”! A skilled and professional copywriter will add exceptional value to almost any business. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a go yourself. The issue is just skill and time. Do you have the creativity to make your words speak? Do you have the skill and time to write a flawless piece? If no then a copywriter will save your money and time in the long run. Your business definitely needs a copywriter if you want to make your business outshine online.

Copywriting and Content writing are often used interchangeably, but they are different from each other by purpose. Copywriting is designed to persuade people, whereas content writing is intended to entertain and persuade the readers. Most text ads include copywriting as they persuade the readers to take action.